For the Love of Bras

Get Ready! Science Says, “Buying Lingerie Is Good For Your Health!

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There is a shift in cultural happenings where women around the world are practicing self-love and promoting the crap out of it! So, what’s the secret to achieving long-lasting happiness while blowing up your confidence?  Retail therapy.

We’ve all heard the term “retail therapy” before, but now we can rejoice and celebrate the benefits of buying lingerie for ourselves! The journal, Psychology and Marketing, published a study which show that shopping is a way for consumers to achieve happiness from a negative state. However, studies also show when we buy meaningless materialistic items, we only produce short-term happiness (at least until you see your credit card bill). To achieve a long-lasting positive effect, the method is simple, buy something that continually brings you joy.

When we shift our minds from buying lingerie for the benefit of our spouse to buying a piece that speaks to us for our own pleasure and self-confidence, not only will we find a deeper enjoyment, but the impact on our confidence has lasting effects.

In my experience, after talking to thousands of women, there are two levels of emotions when discussing lingerie.

  1. We, as women, want comfort without sacrificing the way we look.
  2. We still treat the word “lingerie” as if it’s something we should whisper. As if the bra you’re currently wearing isn’t a part of your lingerie collection.

Jessamyn Stanley, a woman who is changing the world on body image, said it beautifully in this video,

“Many people are obsessed with ‘how do I look’ vs ‘how do I feel.’ Whenever you assess how do I feel, you always get the right answer.”

Let’s walk through five steps on how to feel good in your lingerie.  This will not only improve your self-confidence, but it will also impact the lives of others in the meantime.

  1. Buy a piece of lingerie for everyday wear. Start with something that isn’t a bra. For example, I wear a slip when I get ready in the morning. It has to be soft and give me shape. This starts my day with feeling beautiful and confident.
  2. Don’t get hung-up on diet culture. It is essential to eat healthy and stay active, but just as Jessamyn Stanley says, it’s time to stop obsessing about how we look and focus on how we feel.
  3. Practice your personal care routine religiously. Don’t be lazy. Wear sweet body cream, moisturize your face, and get some sleep.
  4. Write a new chapter. Life isn’t defined by who you were yesterday, but who you get to be today.
  5. Be inspiring. Being a voice for people who don’t have one can impact thousands of lives. You get what you put into this universe.

It’s really that simple!  Now it’s time to embark on a journey that is going to take you from sufficient to empowered. When we focus on loving ourselves the relationships around us will prosper. Be adventurous and try something new today.  Something that excites your heart… and your wardrobe!

For ideas on adding new pieces to your lingerie collection and where to start, check out my steps to build your confidence with shopping online. You can find it here –>Free Power

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